Bypass Road: Choose to take a detour but not this route

Rating: 2/5 | Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Shama Sikander, Adah Sharma, Taher Mithailwala, Rajit Kapur, Gul Panag and others

Bypass Road: Choose to take a detour but not this route

Often it is assumed that thrillers do not disappoint, as the story usually has elements which can keep one hooked. However, this is not true, as a thriller can only be intriguing if the plot is written tightly with characters who can perform their roles adding twists or doubts through their expressions. One such film which Neil Nitin Mukesh delivered was Johny Gaddar, which went to become one of the popular among the fans. Trying to take a new step this time, Neil has chosen to write and produce Bypass Road, which is directed by his brother. But sadly and to much disappointment, the film does not deliver the thrill as promised.

Vikram Kapoor (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is a popular, dashing fashion designer and who has an affair with supermodel Sarah Brigenza (Shama Sikander). One unfortunate night, when Sarah allegedly commits suicide under suspicious circumstances, Vikram also meets with an accident. Both have strong bonding and are said to have had many nights of passion-filled, meaningless fun. But this incident changes their lives. Sarah is dead and her death is a mystery. Her death also changes Vikram’s fate. Further, the incident also makes him handicapped, where he is now wheel-chair prone. The police start investigating the ‘Sarah murder case’ and everyone related to Sarah's life is a suspect. Knowing their affair, Jimmy (Taher Shabbir Mithaiwala) sets on a mission to ruin him. Vikram now lives with his father Pratap Kapoor (Rajit Kapoor) and his wife Romila (Gul Panag). Amid all this, brews a love story, between Neil and his love Radhika Nair (Adah Sharma), who works in his firm as an intern. What started on a professional note, gets personal. But the question remains throughout the film. What is the reason behind Sarah’s death? Is it money, property, love, betrayal or anything else?

The story of the film might sound interesting, and it is quite certain that it would intrigue many film buffs who love thrillers. But unfortunately, Bypass Road fails at delivering the experience as the execution of the film is flawed. I was bothered a lot with the camera work, as it is both patchy and unpleasant. Visuals are forced to make one show interest in the thriller and resemble as though the film is shot in the 90s or early 2000.

Dialogues and the writing is weak, and the plot wobbles throughout the film. There are times you may feel that Bypass Road is a horror film and not a thriller. The idea of showing the killer in a mask is not novel and so is the police investigation or other twists. The film lacks vision and it seems as though the team did not try to experiment anything new with the film. Neil’s brother and debutant director Naman Nitin Mukesh has used all known and tested formula, filmmakers have used before.

Performances do not make a mark either. The storyline and the poorly sketched character disappoint thoroughly. Jarring music and close up shots used to add a twist in the film bother throughout both the halves of the film, leaving the audience confused. While the first half comes across weak, the second half has some aspects which could save the film, but soon, it becomes an uncomfortable watch.

With a runtime of 137 minutes, 'Bypass Road' is an opportunity not explored to the best potential. It is choosing to take a detour than this route. Skip it.

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