I don't mind being tagged as a TV actor while doing films: Karan Wahi

Popular TV actor Karan Wahi who has won hearts with his acting, debuts in Bollywood with Hate Story 4. In an interview, he talks about his journey, aspirations, films, thoughts and a lot more.

  • I don't mind being tagged as a TV actor while doing films: Karan Wahi

Television heartthrob Karan Wahi has been known for his skills, be it as an actor or as a host, in many Indian shows. Besides, the actor also has a huge fan following for his charming looks. Just like many other actors, he too has taken a step to try his luck in Bollywood films. His debut film, Hate Story 4 has released recently. In a conversation with the media, Karan talks about his journey, aspirations, films, thoughts etc. Here are the excerpts

Your journey of Hate Story 4

Hate Story 4 is a popular and a very successful franchise, and I always had this special thought in mind always. I don't know about the other stories because I haven't been part of them but when they came to me with this story, their entire perspective was just not to sell sex. It’s a thriller and there is a quotient of sex in it but we didn’t want to make it look like an erotic thriller. We wanted to make it look like a thriller, which has a story. I think that is special because whenever we think of a film, we feel that it has to have a love story between the actor and the actress. That is the flip side of the film. It is literally a hate story. In the film, I am playing the son of a very affluent tycoon, basically, a very rich guy who works with his father. His name is Rajveer and he is in his mid-20s and is more flamboyant, more expressive than probably his father or his brother.

The subject of the film and its relation to your life

To each, his own. I think one hates the circumstance more than the person. I think anyone who I have loved in life or anyone who has been close to me and is not anymore, I don't hate them. I feel with time those people, who you loved the most or you were closest to, don't matter to you as much as they used to. Hate is a very strong word and I think I did when I was young, I thought anyone I disliked, I hated them. But as I grew a little older, I realised that hate is not the word I would use to express. I think disliking is the term I would associate myself with. I might like or dislike someone but I think very rarely now I hate somebody. 

Film vs. TV

I think both mediums; films are TV, are equal for the viewers. This hierarchy and difference have been created by us. And now we have put another medium in the race, that is digital. I have been here for a long time and I have done shows on digital media, fiction, non-fiction and I have realized I give my best to all projects, irrespective of the medium they are aired on. I do the same thing I can if I have to act on television, I will give as much effort that when I do in films. At the end I am an actor, it's just that the medium keeps changing that doesn't make my efforts become less.

The tag of being a 'TV actor'

I don't have a problem with being called as TV actor because that's where I started my journey. There is a classic example of Shah Rukh Khan, we still say he is from television but we don't call him a television actor. But when we have to give an example of actors making it big we say, Shah Rukh Khan, Sushant Singh, and others. I think that will always be there and it is not good or bad. It's because it is what got you in the limelight. So even if I do one film or many films, people call me television actor and I'm okay with it.

Your aspirations and future project choices

I'd rather do anything and everything that comes naturally to me. I have been instinctive in life and have done certain things, which have worked and some that haven't. But that's the way it is. If I become critical in choosing, then I am curtailing myself from the word go. If I say I want to do a romantic film, then I am curtailing myself from other genres. Anything and everything that comes to me might be a romantic story, action or anything else, in which I can at least add something to the project, I would love to do it. Usually what happens is with people like me, who have a decent body, unfortunately for us, everything is about showing the body. People talk about your look, body and dance, but rarely they talk about your work. I think that is one reason that I don't mind doing anything that makes me happy. 10 or 20 years from now, I'll at least have a lot of things that I would have done, which would be different.

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