Randeep Hooda appeals to people to stay indoors in his unique style

Randeep Hooda appeals to people to stay indoors in his unique style

There is a complete lockdown in the country because of the Coronavirus. All shootings have been stopped from March 19, 2020. While the government is trying really hard to enforce people to stay indoors as much as possible and come out only if there is an urgent situation, people seem to be taking it very lightly. 

Actor Randeep Hooda, who has been actively spreading awareness on the issue for a while now, shared another video recently. This time he has made the video in Haryanvi with the objective of reaching out to people in the interiors of the country. It is made in his unique signature style. He goes on to talk about tips on how to spend time constructively in this lockdown. He thinks that this could be a unique time for families to bond with and pass on ancient wisdom to the younger lot. 

He has shared this video on his Twitter and has captioned it in Hindi. In the same, he has mentioned that it is a great time to share jokes, hear folk-tales and other stories. It is a good time to connect over these little things since people now have time at hand.

Earlier also, Randeep had taken to social media to spread awareness on self-isolation, avoiding hoarding and self-medication. He also had mentioned that at this time of crisis one should also think about the stray animals and od our bit in feeding them. 

However, despite the best efforts and celebrities to urge people to follow social distancing, one sees people go out. There are also constantly cases coming to light of people who were asked to be in self-quarantine but not only did they not follow those order but even went on to go to social gathering and in turn putting thousands of people at risk.