Hindustani Rap and hip hop has become the language of the youth: Ranveer Singh

The actor who shares his immense love for music and hip-hop expressed his thoughts about the growing demand of Hindustani Rap and hip hop among the youth in the country.


Ranveer Singh has delivered the huge success of Gully Boy and popularised rap/hip-hop through his breakthrough label IncInk, ad now he is introducing the genre as the new fad in brands and films. For generations, Bollywood superstars have propelled societal fads and created huge trends. Ranveer Singh, whose stardom cuts across demographics and regions of our country, has brought niche rap/hip hop music from the streets of the country and made it massively mainstream.

First, with Gully Boy, he delivered a career-best performance and made the cash counters ringing as the film became a blockbuster. He also launched his passion project, an independent record label IncInk, aimed at discovering, nurturing and promoting young artists from across the country. His first 3 talents are brilliant hip hop artists Kaam Bhari, Slow Cheeta and Spitfire. A genre that was once considered hugely small, rap/hip-hop is now majorly commercial.

From political parties to brands to even films are now using rap/hip-hop to promote ideas and ideologies. Be it BJP's campaign during Lok Sabha elections or association with brands for products like face wash (Himalaya Men’s Face Wash), footwear (Relaxo Flite), or even an initiative like Sabka Dentist, musicians have used rap to find their way into the millennial minds.

Talking about the same, Ranveer said, “The time of Hindustani rap/hip hop has come and this is the much-needed explosion in the music scene of India. These are exciting times for original music in India and rap/hip-hop is a huge refresher. Hindustani Rap/hip hop is no longer an underground music scene. It has become the language of the youth and it is the biggest thing happening in Indian culture today. India has always produced spectacular original content and now is the time for rap/hip hop and the incredible artists whose poetry is speaking of a revolution. They are the poets of our generation and the youth is listening to what they have to say. Hindustani Rap/hip hop is here to stay and it is the voice of India that you can’t just ignore.”

In a recently released statement, he further said that he would love to be a leader of the industry, a champion of the industry, and hopes to see Hindi cinema and the Hindi movie business grow and become bigger.

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