Mumbai ranks 92nd in the list of most innovative cities in the world

Following Mumbai, Bengaluru ranks at the 139th position and a total of 13 Indian cities made it to the list


Mumbai has bagged the 92nd spot in the list of most innovative cities in the world, marking its place in the top 100. This list was recently released by commercial data provider 2thinknow. The global list has been topped by Japan’s capital — Tokyo.

Last year, the city was featured at the 90th spot in the list released by 2thinknow. Following Mumbai, the next Indian city on the list is Bengaluru, ranked at the 139th position.

Other Indian cities making it to top 500 are

  • Delhi (199)
  • Chennai (252)
  • Kolkata (283)
  • Hyderabad (316)
  • Ahmedabad (345)
  • Pune (346)
  • Jaipur (393)
  • Surat (424)
  • Lucknow (442)
  • Kanpur (448)
  • Madurai (452)

The other cities in the global list of the top 10 are – San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Boston, Toronto, Paris, and Sydney.

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