Witness creativity at its peak with these 7 catchy advertisements that have made an impact

While some advertisements just look to simply market their product, some advertisements take the promotion game to the next level by leaving an impact on the consumer's mind

Witness creativity at its peak with these 7 catchy advertisements that have made an impact

Advertising is a means to promote a product, commodity, or service in any possible manner and provoking the consumer to buy it. In this era of countless products in the market, the competition is intense and killing and therefore, in order to promote a product, it takes more than just the ordinary. 

Here are some of the best in the vast universe of advertisements that not only smartly promote their product or service but also leave an undying impact on your mind for days, weeks, or even years! 

Cadbury 5 Star: Ramesh and Suresh

No one can forget the iconic duo of Ramesh and Suresh. The ad promotes the mind-blowing flavour of Five Star and showcases that you might literally 'forget everything'.

Fastrack Reflex

Targeting the youngsters, Fastrack lets the advertisement build a tense atmosphere within seconds and alongside, precisely showcases what product the company has to offer.

Seagrams: Men Will Be Men (Various Ads)

The 'Men Will Be Men' ad campaign will never grow old since they are relatable and build itself on a very well-known stereotype behaviour showcased by 'Men'.

Rajasthan Tourism

The advertisement needs no explanation. It brings the face of a typical Rajasthani man to life through the structure of camels and birds and lures you to the beautiful Indian state.

The Hindu: Behave Yourself, Youth is Watching

What looks a normal classroom suddenly turns chaotic with heated arguments and things being flung across. And then suddenly, you realise resemblance, the advertisement displays.

Ambuja Cement: Deewar

Just watch this ad and ponder upon the communal tension built throughout our country right now.

Fevi Kwik: Todo Nahi Jodo

This particular ad is not only funny but also sheds light on the rivalry of the two nations, India and Pakistan. However, it doesn't leave you with hatred and envy but fills you with love and laughter.

While all these ads have a primary purpose of commercial benefit, they also have an additional layer of a personal connection, thus making the advertisements relatable and quirky.

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