Faye D'souza clarifies moving away from day-to-day activities of Mirror Now

In a statement released after the news about her resignation was out in the media, Mirror Now Executive Editor took to Twitter to announce that she will be associated with Times Network to produce new content.

Faye D'souza clarifies moving away from day-to-day activities of Mirror Now

A day after the news of Faye D'souza's resignation broke the internet, the executive editor of Mirror Now, took to Twitter to share her statement, stating that she will continue her association with Times Network. In the statement released on social media, Faye D'souza clarified that she will be focused on creating and presenting new IPs for Times Network, however, will not involve herself in the day-to-day activity of Mirror Now.

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MumbaiLive.com yesterday was the first to report the story about her resignation and reacting to the same, many of her ardent followers shared their disappointment on social media. Personalities like Shashi Tharoor, Swara Bhasker and many others reacted to the same and fans also showed their love for Faye's work on Mirror Now.

It is being reported that Vinay Tewari will lead Mirror Now as the Managing Editor and Faye's new position on the network is yet to be announced. Faye D'souza's show 'The Urban Debate' has garnered a lot of eyeballs over the years, and has created a loyal fan following. Her ability to address social issues, thereby voice out the concerns of the people with absolute honesty is a trait, the audience was attracted to. 

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Officials at Mirror Now also took to Twitter to confirm the same with a statement that read...