Faye D'souza resigns from Mirror Now; Vinay Tewari becomes the Managing Editor

One of the popular names in the news broadcast industry, Faye D'souza, has taken a decision to quit Mirror Now, and it is being said that Vinay Tewari will now serve in the new position.


Update (as of Sep 10, 2019): Faye D'souza to continue her association with Times Network but not Mirror Now

One of the popular names in the news broadcast industry is Faye D'souza, Executive Editor at Mirror Now. As per sources, it is being said that Faye D'souza has resigned from her position at Mirror Now, and Vinay Tewari has now taken over as the new Managing Editor of Mirror Now. 

As per the current update, Hector Kenneth who was previously at the position of Vice President and Input Head of Times Now has now appointed as Input head of both Mirror Now and Times Now.

Further, it is also being said that Times Television Networks is also conducting layoffs in the technical teams.

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The channel which was earlier Magicbricks was rebranded as Mirror Now in April 2017, and Faye D'souza was appointed to head the channel. She, ever since then, has ensured that the channel becomes the voice of the people and the society, where Faye along with her team, have addressed various issues pertaining to the country.

Faye was also felicitated the RedInk Award for ‘Journalist of the Year.’ Her approach towards issues in her show 'The Urban Debate' has been loved by many. Upon knowing the news, her followers have also shared their disappointment and thoughts on social media. 

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