Employees protest outside Jet Airways Office

With Jet Airways shutting its operations, the future of 23,000 employees is at stake


After Jet Airways announced its shutdown and grounded all its planes on Wednesday, the employees of the airlines protested while pressing their demands to get their salaries. The protestors said that until they get firm assurance that the airlines will be functional again, they won’t leave. 

Jet Airways had asked for ₹400 crore financial assistance from the banks. However, the banks refused to help the airlines after which the board of directors took a decision to shut all services of the airlines. 

Jet Airways required the money in order to pay for the everyday expense and the salary of the employees. Regarding this, the company went to the State Bank of India (SBI) for help. The national bank refused to help the airlines as its sale for shares were in process.  

Several companies are keen to buy Jet’s shares. However, the process for the same can be stretched until May 10. Till then, the future of 23,000 employees is in jeopardy. Therefore, the workers and the union are on indefinite strike. 

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