Do you want to experience 24x7 hassle-free booking?

Book Banquet Room can help make bookings of a small meeting of 6 to a large event of 2000+.

Do you want to experience 24x7 hassle-free booking?
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Book Banquet Room is a booking engine that offers customized policies and procedures with all the branding of the hotels, banquet halls. It can help make bookings of a small meeting of 6 to a large event of 2000+.

Not only that, the hotel managers can manage their banquet diaries 24/7 from any mobile device as long as they have internet access. The booking engine was set to be launched in March 2020; however, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was launched in August 2021.

In an exclusive chat with Mumbai Live, the owner, Sarosh Kharib, gave us insights about BBR. 

We asked his source of inspiration with this unique booking engine, to which he said that he has been in the hospitality industry for over two decades and understands the pain points of end-users while booking a venue. Hence, he felt a need to develop a banquet booking engine.

Additionally, we asked him what are the problems that consumers face while booking, to which he replied, "The biggest issue faced by consumers is to check the availability of a venue and many times customers have to call venues repeatedly to check availability." When asked how does the site help in resolving these issues, he said that it saves the time of the consumers as it takes only 2 minutes to make a booking on their site. He further said, "With our booking engine, customers can book 24/7 from anywhere."

"The booking engine was developed keeping the customer journey in mind, and our UI is created to ensure the hassle-free customer experience. Our booking engine has several inbuilt features," he said when we asked him how does his site stand out from other booking engines and is more user-friendly.

Since the COVID-19 travel restrictions are now easing up in Mumbai, we asked if that could boost their business, and he agreed to it stating, "Easing of restrictions and coronavirus receding will help boost business."

The site has a digital diary and we asked Kharib to give us some insights on the same. He told us that certain banquets have pen and paper banquet diaries. However, their "digital diary can be accessed anytime from anywhere by the venue managers thereby making it very convenient."

While talking about the changes, they are planning to bring in the future to the BBR booking engine he said, "It is my vision to deploy this booking engine to tier cities and small towns as well. We are therefore rolling out the booking engine for multiple regional languages as well. We want to make the booking process very smooth and transparent and want to give power to the end customer."

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