Fadnavis integrates drastic changes at the administrative levels

    Fadnavis integrates drastic changes at the administrative levels
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    Albeit, transfer of IAS officers is not something that seldom happens, yet, transfer of 60 such IAS officers by Fadnavis is something that will definitely draw in some political attention. And people could actually see it coming. Plus, aside of MMRDA Commissioner UPS Madan’s transfer, the transfers that will be done in the BMC is something that should be expected the most.

    As per the information at hand, Chief Secretary Nitin Gadre has been transferred from General Administration Inquiry Office to Tourist and Cultural Department and has been replaced by Mr Valsa Nair Singh. Moreover, Nitin Gadre has been entrusted with the responsibility of Citizen Aviation and Production Costs.

    On the other hand, SVR Srinivas has been sent to the Dharavi Redevelopment. Moreover, Jagdish Patil the general manager of BEST has been made the Co-operative Commissioner and the administrative responsibilities will be handled by Surendra Bagde. Mahesh Jhagde has been made the Departmental Commissioner for Nasik and RR Jadhav has been appointed as the Milk Commissioner.

    Added this, Nidhi Pandey has been appointed as the CEO for the Rajiv Gandhi Health Plan although earlier she was the District Manager for Aurangabad. Suresh Kakni is now transferred to the Maharashtra Airport Development, Bipin Sharma has been appointed as the Commissioner for the Skill, Employment and Venture Department.

    On the other hand, the district magistrate of Mumbai, Sanjay Deshmukh Aiyyar and Pallavi Darade can be entrusted with other responsibilities too.

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