A seven-foot-long python found on Bandra bridge

Atul Kamble, a snake catcher (Sarp Mitra) stated that the proportion of events of wild animals venturing into human habitat has increased over the past few months. Last month, three to four pythons were found in Bandra - Kurla Complex (BKC).

  • A seven-foot-long python found on Bandra bridge

On Sunday, a python was found on the Bandra bridge near the Nandadeep Park situated between Kalanagar and Mahim area. The python has been distinguished as Indian Rock Python and is a non-poisonous reptile. As soon as the locals discovered the python, they immediately contacted Sarp Mitra (snake catcher).

The seven-foot-long reptile was seen by locals at around 11:00 pm on Sunday. Once the snake catchers were informed, they reached the site and rescued the python. However, due to the abrupt appearance of a python shocked the locals and caused a lot of traffic congestion near the area.

Explaining the sudden arrival of a python in the city, snake catcher Atul Kamble stated that due to the construction work and Metro project work, the wildlife habitat is getting disrupted and which has eventually resulted into the entry of these animals in the city.

The python will be handed over to the Thane Forest Department and will be released in its natural habitat.

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