A bureaucrat with a heart

  • A bureaucrat with a heart

Mumbai- Used as we are to questioning the social conscience of bureaucrats, this story warms the cockles of our heart.

PMRDA commissioner Mahesh Zagde donated Rs 2,11,111 to the chief minister's fund, we hear. He handed over the cheque to CM Devendra Fadnavis and said he wishes that this money is used for the welfare of drought-affected farmers.
On 20 December, Zagde's daughter, Dr. Priyanka got married in a simple ceremony. The amount saved from an extravagant wedding was forwarded by a conscientious Zagde to the CM fund. Fadnavis appreciated this gesture by tweeting "Thank you PMRDA Commissioner Mahesh Zagde for the contribution of Rs 2,11,111 (money saved from daughter's wedding) towards CM Relief Fund ".
We heartily approve too.

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