Petrol prices on the rise in Mumbai


Inflation in Mumbai has become so common that people are indifferent to the surge. After gas cylinders, petrol pricing is on the rise steadily.

After Central Government's prices of petrol and diesel were introduced in the market, the prices of petrol and diesel are continuously increasing. On Saturday, the price of petrol in Mumbai was INR 79.14. A week ago, the petrol was priced at INR 78 per liter. The current price is the highest since August 2014.

Since June 16, Petroleum companies review the rates of petrol and diesel every day after which the final pricing is set. 

Prices for last 5 days in Mumbai

September 11- 79.39 / per liter
September 8 - Rs 79 / per liter
September 7 - 78.92 / per liter
September 6 - 78.82 / per liter
September 5 - 78.82 / per liter

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