BEST to install electric charging station at its depot

Two BEST depots, in Worli and Back Bay, are chosen to install the Electric Vehicle Recharging Station


With the aim of reducing pollution in the city, the BEST administration has decided to install an electric charging station on the bus depot and this can help with the charging of electric cars in the city. This comes after the World Health Organization (WHO) submitted a report stating that excess amount of air pollution is floating in the city.

According to one of the BEST officials, two of the bus depots in Worli and Back Bay will have the Electric Vehicle Recharging Station (EVS). This will help in the charging of the electric vehicles.

As of now, the Transport and electricity distributors have a charging unit for the electric buses in the Back Bay premises. In shops, malls, and other places the charge for the same is ₹5.87 and BEST is yet to determine the rates of the service.

Only 1,748 electric vehicles were registered in the state between April 2016 to December 2017 and 11 trains were registered under Tardeo RTO.