Mumbai could soon see 'digital billboards' like New York City!

Mumbai Hoarding Owners Associations have suggested moving from traditional hoardings to digital billboards and the BMC is actually considering it!


If Mumbai is tweaked a little in the future, it can actually give you a Manhattan, New York-feel with a gorgeous skyline, bustling crowd, tasty street food and the city-that-never-sleeps lifestyle. We can say the tweaking could've just begun and is in the pipeline! (or we hope it is).

What’s the story?

Like Times Square in Manhattan, Amchi Mumbai may soon get ‘Digital Billboards’ as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is planning to revise its policy on hoardings to allow their installation.

Trial run in Bandra, Juhu

This suggestion has come from Mumbai Hoarding Owners Associations as they wanted to replace existing billboards or hoardings with digital billboards but it is yet to be approved.

The billboards will first be put up at public places like Juhu beach and various areas in Bandra on a trial bases and the officials will then analyse the response.

According to the plan, the existing hoardings will be replaced with LED screens which will display static ads, while hoardings near highways will be the same.

BMC will use the billboards for live updates, warnings

BMC will also use the billboards to issue live updates and warnings during any kind of disaster or emergency. According to reports, the policy is expected to be made public by mid-December.

The BMC will take suggestions from the citizens after the policy is made public. In the first phase, the billboards will only host static ads. After the initial trials, they will move on to animated ads.

So Mumbaikars, are you excited about this potential change in our city?

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