When it comes to Indians, they are pious people who believe in offering garlands and flowers to lords. But, what they do next, harms the environment on a large scale. In Mumbai, during Ganesh Chaturthi, devotees who celebrate this festival by placing Bappa in their homes, blindly throw away the floral waste into lakes after immersing the idols. This practice is not at all environment-friendly as it kills fishes. 

Considering the growing menace, civic officials of K/East Ward decided to transform the floral waste into organic compost. They placed two compost machines near Jogeshwari’s Shyam Nagar lake and Vile Parle’s Hegdewar ground where devotees came to immerse idols. They urged the devotees to give away their floral waste and asked them to take away the compost after a week or so. They keep on collecting floral waste from the devotees for seven days and transformed it into organic compost.  

Our only motive was to create awareness regarding organic fertiliser. This can be done with the use of flower waste. So, all these 12 days, we urged devotees to hand over their flower waste to us. Today, on Anant Chaturdashi, we will hand over organic fertiliser packets to those who will hand over us the floral waste
Devendra Jain, assistant commissioner, K/East ward

It is indeed a praise-worthy move which is an hour of need. If this happens in every household, then people will have no reason to throw away the floral waste collected in plastic bags into sea and lakes.   

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