BMC to extend Mumbai 24x7 project

The BMC is identifying non-enclosed and non-gate areas, business hubs, commercial areas, tourist spots, where the plan can be implemented

BMC to extend Mumbai 24x7 project

Apart from shopping malls and commercial mill compounds, stand-alone eateries and shopping outlets located in non-residential areas will also be allowed to run 24x7 in Mumbai. Just two weeks back, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had approved the implementation of its ambitious 24x7 Mumbai plan. 

This means that establishments in gated communities such as shopping malls and commercial complexes in non-residential areas could stay open throughout the night. According to a government official, gated communities here refer to places with CCTV surveillance, parking facilities, safety arrangements and steps to curtail noise.

The BMC is giving a go ahead to places that are in non-enclosed and non-gate areas, business hubs, commercial areas, tourist spots, where the plan can be implemented. As per BMC officials, the criteria for the spots to function 24x7 is that the hubs should not cause nuisance to residential areas and where security can be ensured.

“Recently, we had a meeting with the associations of retailers and restaurants in the city. They are keen to implement the nightlife plan in business hubs. We are trying to find a way as to how retail outlets and restaurants owners outside gated communities can be included in the plan. A decision on the mechanism is yet to be taken, but in-principle, we would like to support that. We are identifying areas where security will be ensured,” Municipal Commissioner Praveen Pardeshi told HT.

Meanwhile, one of the primary concerns with the Mumbai 24x7 project is with regards to public transport which will not remain open 24x7, leaving locals the option between ordering from a wide range of food delivery apps or taking their own vehicle outside. While cab aggregator apps are also a viable option, it may not be feasible in the long run, particularly from an economic perspective. Despite the criticisms and loopholes, an overwhelming majority of the youth have welcomed this move.  

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