BMC Officers 'clean bowled'

  • BMC Officers 'clean bowled'

Mumbai - We enjoy cricket don't we? But keeping people's everyday problems at stake and playing on duty is quite disgusting. Isn' it? BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta has issued a warning to the BMC staff who played cricket on duty. Strict action will be undertaken against them, Ajoy Mehta has asked Deputy Commissioner Anand Wagralkar to probe into the matter and file a report at the earliest.

MNS Leader Sandip Deshpande has not wasted the opportunity to take a potshot. "The engineers should be ashamed of themselves. Because of them Mumbaikars are facing problem caused by the potholes on the road and those who are responsible for that are playing on duty," he said.

The stand of workers unions who tried to defend BMC workers during the agitation of Sandip Deshpande, is also eagerly awaited in the 'on duty cricket' saga.

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