Is the BMC unfairly targetting RJ Malishka?

    Is the BMC unfairly targetting RJ Malishka?
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    I used to feel proud that without any hesitation, I can exercise my right to freedom to speech and expression until RJ Malishka was targeted for the same. When the whole nation was crooning to 'Sonu, tula mayavar bharosa naay kaay' (Sonu, don't you trust me) song, RJ Malishka of 93.5 Red FM took this song to another level. While everyone dubbed the same song, Malishka did a BMC parody by using the same and it became a rage. The video spoke on potholes and delayed trains which did not go well with BMC and Malishka had to pay the price for the same. Recently, the BMC sent a notice to Malishka after spotting a dengue breeding spot in her house after an inspection. The notice was served to her mother who was present at the residence during an inspection. This move by the BMC is being perceived as a deliberate move.

    This all started a few days ago, RJ Malishka of Red Fm 93.5 released a video ‘Mumbai, tula majhyavar bharosa nay kaay’ which spoke about potholes and delayed trains due to rainfall. This video instantly caught eyeballs and became a rage across Mumbai. It became the Mumbaikar’s song as each and every Mumbaikar face potholes and delayed trains during monsoon.

    Malishka who is known for her straight forwardness, indirectly took a dig at the BMC which did not go well with the latter. The BMC officials sent a notice to Malishka after finding larvae at her residence. Well, should we call this as a coincidence or a deliberate move from the BMC who did not like Malishka’s song and in return they slapped her with a notice?

    When this news went viral, a lot of netizens have come out in support of Malishka and showed their support on Twitter.

    Rajdeep Sardesai also tweeted about the same

    Though Malishka is not available for any comment, she has thanked all Mumbaikars who showed her love and support.

    When we tried to understand if this is a deliberate move or a coincidence, Shiv Sena’s Corporator, Kishori Pednekar, squashed all the allegations. 

    “Why would we target her? She is not the only one who has got the notice. There are other 8 people who have got the similar notices. It is just a coincidence that she got notice. It is a daily routine. The irony is, she was teaching civic sense through her video and her own home had breeding spots,” said Kishori Pedenakr, corporator, Shiv Sena.

    But, MNS calls it a deliberate move of Shiv Sena.

     “This is a well-calculated move by BMC and Shiv Sena. Why did they not inspect other wards? Why only H west? And when Shiv Sena says that they sent notices to other eight houses, they must have done that deliberately as well,” said Sandeep Deshpande, corpoator, MNS.

    Why our politicos or BMC for that matter lacks sportsmanship? When RJ Malishka spoke about roads apathy, BMC did not take it in a good spirit, when she spoke about the reality. Why is it so difficult to accept the flaws and work on it. But, BMC instead, avenged and not feeling sorry about it. As we know how the truth tastes, the BMC have been left a bit bitter when the truth was sung to them. 

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