BMC checks traffic issues by turning manual signals into automatic

With ATC, the signals can be controlled automatically with the help of sensors

BMC checks traffic issues by turning manual signals into automatic

In a city where people are packed like sardines in a can, more than 750 new vehicles are registered every day. This fact was revealed by a report in DNA which should be taken seriously as the traffic problem in Mumbai is getting worse every coming day. It’s been a matter of concern not only for the motorists but also for the traffic cops and authorities.

What's the story?

Hence, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to convert all manually controlled traffic signals to automated system ATC (Area Traffic Control). Mumbai has a total of 613 traffic signals, of which 253 have already been converted to ATC.

How does the ATC work?

ATC is an intelligent traffic control system equipped with sensors that capture the traffic data in real time, calculate the optimal time for signals and transmit the data to the control centre, as told by a senior official from the traffic department of BMC, quoted by DNA.

How much will the project cost?

Taking a prompt, ATC can solve the problem to some extent as it works on the flow of vehicles, and accordingly sets the timing of traffic signals. For the installation of this project, INR 150 crore has to be spent by the civic body.


A Non-ATC signal is controlled by the traffic cops and the BMC officials who study the traffic density at these signals can feed them with timings, according to the on-going traffic condition.

With ATC, this tedious process can be cut down and the job will be left to sensors that can check traffic at a particular signal and set a suitable timing. Another advantage of ATC is that it also sets timings of a particular stretch of other traffic signals to clear traffic.

It’s good to know that BMC is working for the welfare of traffic cops and motorists. The implementation of this plan needs to gain momentum, considering the current traffic woes in the city.

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