Byculla Zoo to Get a New Drinking Water Fountain Along With Restoration of Iconic Pyaus

Byculla Zoo to Get a New Drinking Water Fountain Along With Restoration of Iconic Pyaus

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has proposed a revamping of drinking water fountains situated within Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan and Zoo, otherwise known as Rani Baug or Byculla Zoo. 

Further, the civic body will also install a new Koi fish pond at the zoo. These drinking water fountains (also known as pyaus) was originally planned last year and has now been finalized. 

As part of the restoration, the civic body will revamp historic heritage pyaus including Ardeshir Dadysett Pyau, the Khimji Mulji Randeria Pyau, and Seth Samaldas Nasidas Pyau that were built between 1903 and 1933.

The BMC’s plans indicate that all three pyaus will see a proper restoration, while visitors will be allowed to drink water from them once they’re restored. The Nasidas pyau will be used primarily to fill the aforementioned Koi fish point which is being touted as a primary public attraction. 

These pyaus have been non-functional for the past 40 years and have been in a dilapidated condition. They are currently located within the nursery at the Byculla Zoo

Koi fish ponds are popular globally and the concept originates from Japan where the people believe that the fish bring success, wealth, and prosperity. Each koi fish can live for up to 30 years on average.  

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The civic body is expected to spend Rs 1.55 crore for the restoration of these iconic pyaus. Tenders are currently being sent out for the repairs and restoration of these spots, with a contract period of 5 months. As per the terms of the contract proposed by the BMC, the contractor will also have to undertake maintenance and the upkeep of the pyaus and the koi fish pond for a period of three years.

“Both the Dadysett Pyaus and the Randeria Pyau will be made functional and public spaces will be created around it so that visitors can sit and drink water from it. Seth Samaldas Nasidas (Lion headed fountain) pyau will be relocated near Veermata Jijabai’s statue where the pond will be created for the Koi fish. The idea of Koi fish pond is to create more attraction for visitors,” a senior official from the Heritage Department said. 

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