Cluster scheme will be implemented in Diva city: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde

INR 610 crore worth of development work was carried out in Diva city

Cluster scheme will be implemented in Diva city: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde

Diva city has to be developed in a well-planned manner. For the same, a cluster scheme will be implemented on the lines of Thane, asserted the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. Inauguration and Bhoomipujan ceremony of various projects in Diva City was carried out by the Chief Minister.

“Diva City kept its word to me. I also did not let the fund go to waste. INR 610 crore worth of work has been done today. More demands have been made and will fulfil those as well,” said Chief Minister Shinde.

Shinde also announced a fund of INR 5 cr to build a police station for Diva city and gave instructions to the commissioner to fix the place.

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Total length of 3.85 km from Diva-Palava City Compound to Diva Agasan Chowk Main Water and Water Scheme worth INR 240 Crores, Municipal School No. 80 at Sabegaon, Widening and Strengthening of Diva-Agasan Road (INR 132 Crores), Mastic, UTWT and concreting at Diva Roads were inaugurated by Shinde.

Along with this, bhumipujan of Desai creek bridge from Agasan village to Kalyan road, Agri, Koli and Warkari Bhavan in Betwade village (INR 15 crores), beautification of Khidkali, Desai, Dativali lakes (INR 22 crores) and road works were also done by Shinde.

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