Complain of a possible Gas leak from various parts of Mumbai including Ghatkopar

Complain of a possible Gas leak from various parts of Mumbai including Ghatkopar

Several Mumbaikars across the city have been complaining of a "gas leak". Even BMC has acknowledged receiving a complaint about its Twitter account. In the tweet, they have mentioned that they have received several complaints from residents residing in Chembur, Ghatkopar, Kanjurmarg, Vikhroli and Powai.

BMC has also mentioned in the tweet that they are looking into the matter.

Prior to this, Aaditya Thackeray tweeted about citizens of Chembur and Chandivali complaining about a gas leak. He also mentioned that the control room is working on finding the source for the same.

He later added that the fire brigade is on the job. He even urged people to stay indoors and not to panic.

While BMC says that it is looking into the matter, several users in Twitter are expressing concerns. One such user even mentioned that the gas is smelling very bad and asked if it is hazardous?

Most people from Ghatkopar complained of this gas leak. There are also mentions that suggest that people could smell the gas at around 9:30 PM.

Manoj Kotak, who is Member of Parliament,  also took to his Twitter to mention that 13 fire engines have been dispatched to look into this gas leak. 

The city barely missed the wrath of a cyclone a few days back. It is one of the worst impacted city in India from Coronavirus. The last thing it needs this time is a gas leak. We hope BMC will get things on control soon.

Earlier in September 2019 too there was a complaint of a gas leak. At that time citizens from Powai, Ghatkopar, Vile Parle, Goregaon East Powai, Andheri, complained that they could smell gas. However at that time too BMC was unable to find the source and later questioned the citizens.

It has come to light that there has been a gas leak in a factory in Govandi. As a consequence, the smell spread in many areas of Mumbai. However, when an investigation was done, no gas leak was found in the factory of Govandi. Currently, the origin of the smell of gas is being investigated. Furthermore, the Mumbai Fire Brigade has asked citizens not to panic. 

According to Mumbai Fire Brigade Chief Prabhat Rahangadale "The fire brigade was informed of the possibility of gas leaking at a Govandi company but when it was investigated it was found that there was no leakage at Govandi's factory, followed by Ghatkopar's Pant. An investigation was also done in the city but no leakage was found there, at present the situation is under control and there is no problem of panic of the people, so far there is no news of any kind of incident. "

This is a developing story. We will be adding more details to it as and when we get more information.