Coronavirus Pandemic: Patient from Dharavi slums dies at Sion Hospital during the treatment

A 56-year-old man from Dharavi's Shahu Nagar tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19). He died at Sion Hospital during the treatment. Around 10 members of his family are now in quarantine.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Patient from Dharavi slums dies at Sion Hospital during the treatment

With an increasing number of coronavirus cases in the city, officials at Mumbai's BMC and the state government are taking strict measures to ensure the spread controlled to the best possibility. A few days back, it was reported that coronavirus had spread to the slums in Mumbai and a recent update as of April 1, 2020, confirms that one positive coronavirus case has spread to Dharavi slums in Mumbai.

As per reports, the case was found in Dharavi's Shahu Nagar and the patient was a 56-year-old man from who was currently being treated at the Sion Hospital. An update by ANI, at 10:30 PM, confirmed that has died during the treatment and had symptoms like fever, cough, respiratory issues and also had co-morbid conditions of renal failure.


As per reports, the patient had companies of fever on March 23, 3030 and was admitted at the hospital on March 26, 2020. He had no travel history and used to run a garment shop in Dharavi. Upon knowing about the case, Mumbai Police had reached the spot to investigate and around 10 members of his family are in quarantine. All the other building members are also being tested and it is being said that officials may seal the building, which has 308 flats and 91 shops, to ensure no spread of coronavirus in the area nearby.

In an exclusive interview with Mumbai Live, many doctors from Mumbai raised concerns about the novel coronavirus spread in Mumbai slums. Talking about the same, they said, "Social distancing in slums is almost impossible."

Food and other essentials are being provided to the people in the building and they will not be able to come out due to security reasons. With more than 15 lakh residents in the area, Dharavi is one of the most densely populated slums in the world and spread over 613 hectares. An official said that they are taking necessary measures so that the cases don’t spread in the area.

Earlier on Wednesday, the BMC had decided to seal more than 140 buildings in Mumbai across several locations, where 46 areas were sealed in the Western Mumbai, 48 each in Central and South Mumbai. 

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