Parel-based Damodar Natyagruha faces loss worth INR 50 lakh due to the monsoon

Mumbai witnessed heavy rainfall on Wednesday, September 23, 2020, due to which Mumbai's popular Damodar Natyagruha was flooded with rainwater. The team in a recent report shared the details regarding the loss, and requested for support.

Parel-based Damodar Natyagruha faces loss worth INR 50 lakh due to the monsoon

The city of Mumbai witnessed torrential rainfall last Wednesday, September 23, 2020, due to which the condition of Parel-based Damodar Natyagruha had deteriorated extensively.

As per reports, officials have stated a loss worth INR 45 to 50 lakh and this has raised concerns for the management team at the prestigious auditorium. Theaters have been closed for the last six months, due to the coronavirus outbreak, and with the monsoon-related damaged, the management here has faced a financial blow within just a day's rainfall.

It is said that the LED lighting control system and the seat indicator lights have stopped working due to the rainfall. Moreover, the wooden parts of the stage, as most of it drowned under the flooded water.  

Sharing more information, a member from the management team of Damodar Natyagriha, Sachin Baperkar, said that as many as 400 chairs have been damaged and will have to be replaced. Besides this, a part of the flooring in the auditorium is also broken, and this will have to be repaired and painted. President, Anand Mainkar, further added that the team is looking for financial support to re-equip the theatre for the spectators, post-which it can be opened for service.

Acting upon the same, a letter has been sent to the Culture Minister demanding assistance. A detailed report of the loss and damages caused by the heavy rainfall has been mentioned. The team has expressed grief in a letter addressed to the State Minister for Culture, Amit Deshmukh, and has requested assistance related to the issues.

Following the news, several actors from Maharashtra, who have performed at the Damodar Natyagriha, expressed their disappointment. Actor Siddharth Jadhav shared pictures on social media, and said, "I feel like crying when I see such photos of Damodar Natyagriha (Parel) on the stage." He said that it was here where learned to stand on the stage from school gathering, watched plays, and experimented with a full audience."

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शाळेच्या गॅदरिंगपासून ज्या स्टेजवर उभा राहयला शिकलो, नाटकं पाहीली, भरलेल्या प्रेक्षकांच्या साथीनं प्रयोग केले, त्या दामोदर नाट्यगृहाचे (परळ) असे फोटो पाहून ढसाढसा रडावसं वाटतंय, भरून आलंय... २०२० चा हा संकटकाळ अधिक कठीण होतोय ते पाहवत नाही. सर्वांसाठी प्रार्थना...काळजी घ्या🙏🏻

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