Doctors in Mumbai to protest against NMC bill on January 2, marking it a black day

State-run doctors in the city believe that the NMC bill will not benefit people and also help increase corruption in the system. Keeping the sensitivity in mind, doctors would protest for 12 hours hoping to bring a change in the system.


People across the city are busy with the New Year celebrations, but the situation with some doctors in the city is rather concerning. As per the information received, the state-run doctors across the city will be going on a strike beginning from January 2, 2018, and this decision has been taken to oppose the National Medical Commission Bill.

The strike shall be in effect from 6:00 am onwards on the proposed date until 6:00 pm, and as per the protest, this day will be observed as a black day. However, only the emergency services in the hospitals will continue to function.

Further, the information also says that the proposed draft of the National Medical Commission Bill with the Central Government is not acceptable to doctors across the country. Talking about the same, Dr Shivkumar Utture, Member and President of Maharashtra Medical Council, IMA said "We are not against the NMC bill, but the problems and the laws that apply to it cause general patients to suffer. We have been discussing the National Medical Commission Bill with the government since a year. But, there is no concrete result yet. The new bill will increase corruption and no one will be afraid of private medical colleges."

According to doctors, the National Medical Commission Bill draft is against the poor patients and the issue needs to be corrected.

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