Big shots under BMC’s scanner for the long overdue payment of property tax

    Big shots under BMC’s scanner for the long overdue payment of property tax
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    The big shots in the city are not going to have it easy as far as the property tax is concerned, now that BMC has decided to go quite stringent. Every time, the biggies used to get a narrow escape, but now BMC has decided to take strict action against them.

    Shiv Sena Corporator, Sanjay Ghadi has appealed for some more time as the property tax is yet to be paid by a number of Home Development Organizations. He further added that a good 80-85 percentage of property tax is still pending to be paid by the home building organisations, which includes some builders as well. Hence, the property tax should be recovered from all these builders else the construction process should be ceased.

    On the other hand, Ashish Chemburkar, Shiv Sena Corporator says that once the huts for the poor are redeveloped, the property tax that is levied on them gets a little higher hence, instead of the underprivileged paying it, the amount should be recovered from the biggies. Further, he recounted the names of the corporations that have not paid the tax yet and the list includes names like Peninsula with 285 crores, Kamla Park with 180 crores, and National Sports Club with a due of 110 crores. Other than this, Rajul Patel, Mangesh Satamkar, Sadanand Parab and a number of other people of importance took an active part in the discussion held in this regard.

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