First robotic kidney transplant turns out to be successful in Mumbai

    First robotic kidney transplant turns out to be successful in Mumbai
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    A 59-year-old Andheri resident C. N. Murlidharan became the first patient who underwent first robotic kidney transplant operation. For the last 1.5 years, he was on dialysis and was suffering from renal failure.

    C. N. Murlidharan became the first patient to undergo robotic surgery
    Doctors of Reliance H.N. Hospital persuaded the family of Murlidharan to go for robotic surgery as it is less painful, requires fewer cuts and the patient sees a fast recovery.

    The surgery took place on 2 July which was led by Dr. Inderbir Gill, Head of Department, Urology and Robotics, HNRF, and MD, Distinguished Professor and Chair, USC Institute of Urology, University of Southern California and a team of doctors.

    “I and my team are very happy that surgery was successful. The patient is healthy and is doing good. Robotic kidney transplant prevents blood loss and has a lesser chance of post-operative infection,” said Dr. Indarbir Gill, Reliance H. N. Hospital.

    “Before saying yes to a robotic kidney transplant, we understood the procedure and then got ready for a kidney transplant. I am very happy, that now he can lead a good and healthy life,” said Leena Murlidharan, wife.

    However, Murlidharan himself was not ready for the surgery. “I was skeptical at the start when doctors told me about the robotic kidney transplant. But, they convinced me and now the surgery is successful, I am very happy,” said Murlidharan, patient.

    Benefits of robotic surgery
    Useful for cancer, kidney failure, heart disease
    Less time consuming
    Minimum blood loss
    Less pain
    Patient gets discharge in seven days

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