Fuelling garbage into energy- BMC takes the lead

Fuelling garbage into energy- BMC takes the lead

The BMC's F South ward office is as nondescript as they come.

But a stroll inside the humble canteen housed inside the drab municipal offices in the complex is an eyeopener. Here, in the congested canteen that serves nearly 700 customers with tea and snacks every day, a mini revolution is in the making. For the last three years, the establishment has been using methane gas sourced from the humungous domestic waste generated by the city as fuel to prepare the hot refreshments.

Santosh Menezes, who runs the canteen, told Mumbai Live that they now need to use at least three cylinders lesser than the 14 LPG cylinders used up every month earlier. The methane helps the canteen save at least 200 rupees every day.

The methane project at F South is a pilot programme by the BMC that is overburdened by the 10,000 metric tonnes of garbage generated by the metropolis every day. Most of it ends up at the city's dumping grounds which have been stretched to capacity. F South assistant commissioner Vishwas Mothe told Mumbai Live that the civic body has merely helped out with the land needed to implement the project, while a group of four NGOs is actively in charge of the project. Rs 40,000 was spent on the infrastructure for setting up the project and Rs 20,000 on allied expenses, says Yogesh Purabia, president of the Purabia Jan Vikas Samajik Pratishthan, one of the NGOs involved in the project.

The BMC is now conducting workshops with ALMs across the city to ensure that the project takes off in other institutions as well.

The F South ward office has shown the way to a cleaner Mumbai. Can the city follow the lead?

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