Ganga Jamuna Theatre in dilapidated condition

Ganga Jamuna talkies in Tardeo has been listed in BMC's 'dilapidated condition building'


Single screen theatres now just seem to be a part of Mumbai's iconic past. Dadar's Chitra Cinema and Juhu's Chandan cinema has been shut down in the recent past. 

Ganga Jamuna theatre in Tardeo, which was shut since 18 years has now been listed in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's (BMC) list of 'dilapidated buildings'. The eight-storey structure which is spread across 3,085 square metres was going to be redeveloped into a multiplex. The project had been approved by the authorities but it didn't work out. 

Single screen theatres have seen a gradual decline with only 60 single screen theatres left in Mumbai. Multiplexes screen 4-5 movies simultaneously and have dine-in restaurants and shopping arcades which lure more people as people now want a wholesome experience while watching movies.       

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