State government issues SOPs for the reopening of bars, eateries and restaurants in Maharashtra

Under the revised Unlock 5.0 guidelines, restaurants in Maharashtra can resume operations for the general public with a 50 per cent seating capacity. Officials will have to follow strict guidelines and SOPs for safety.

State government issues SOPs for the reopening of bars, eateries and restaurants in Maharashtra

COVID19 cases in the state of Maharashtra are increasing significantly. However, under the Unlock 5.0 initiatives, the government has issued a new set of guidelines for bars, eateries and restaurants, which can resume operations for the general public from October 5, 2020.

As per the new guidelines, these locations can operate only at 50 per cent seating capacity and will have to follow strict SOPs issued by the officials. Saturday issued Covid-19 safety guidelines for restaurants and other eateries which have been allowed to reopen from October 5.

Following are the guidelines:

Operate at 50 per cent seating capacity: Officials to focus on aspects like pre-bookings, reservations, and digital payments, which will eventually be the new normal for months to follow.

Mandatory screening at the entry point: Only asymptomatic customers to be allowed. Staff members will have to check the body temperature, symptoms of cough, and cold, ensure masks are worn by the customers at all times, except while eating food. Restaurant staff to also undergo regular tests and screening, wear masks and follow the necessary protocols for safety. Information and logs with customer details to be maintained regularly, for a minimum period of 30 days. 

Clean premises: Restaurant to ensure the premises are cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day, and the records of the same are maintained. Bar stools, tables, chairs and other items to be cleaned regularly. Menu cards to be disinfected and digital menu to be encouraged. Teams should also maintain CCTV records as per protocols. Entry and exit to be maintained separately, and washrooms to be cleaned keeping the safety guidelines in mind.

Restaurant setting: Tables to be set at a distance to ensure safety, and hand sanitizers must be made available at all tables. Staff should encourage digital modes of payment and cash transactions to be avoided to the best possibility. Barries and plexiglass screens to be set up at counters with frequent interaction. CCTV cameras should be installed on a mandatory basis and staff to ensure they are functional at all times. Raw or cold food to be avoided and only cooked food to be served as per safety guidelines. FSSAI guidelines to be strictly followed for storage, cooking and serving.

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