Will Joggers Park management revert to the BMC?


Bandra - The Joggers' Park on Carter Road is a much loved landmark. Frequented by walkers, joggers and pet lovers, the park has been maintained well by a private trust - the Vaibhav Trust. However, the BMC, which has started a campaign to recover the city's open grounds from private parties, took over the management of the park from 1 February.

Locals are unhappy over the BMC's decision as they believe the Vaibhav Trust was doing a better job. Over 10,000 local residents, who use the Joggers Park facilities daily, took part in a signature campaign to protest the BMC's move to take over the management of the park on Wednesday.

Entry to the park is kept at a reasonable two rupees. With the BMC taking over the park, entry to Joggers Park will be free, but locals suspect the cleanliness and safety standards maintained thus far will not be met.