Health Department initiates legal proceedings against open meat shop

Health Department initiates legal proceedings against open meat shop

BMC has taken strict action against the butchers who are keeping chicken and mutton flesh in open. The department has taken action against 35 meat shops. BMC carried out the drive in ward "F” and penalised one shop, and confiscated the meat. Working on the orders of Mayor, Health Department has warned these shop owners in the area to stop keeping the flesh in open.

Mayor Pravinatai Thakur has taken stern steps in connection with this. As a result, all the divisions of the civic body have started the process of scrutinising these shops in their respective areas. Health Officer Avinash Gunjalkar carried out the drive in F ward. The department took action on 35 shops during this period.

During the operation, many shops have been seized and a fine of Rs 100 is levied on one shop. Gunjalkar stated that due to keeping the chicken and mutton meat in the open, the people passing through the surrounding areas have to face many problems. Flies sit on top of the meat. The meat affected by flies has a bad effect on the health of the citizens. The surrounding environment is also contaminated by selling meat in the open.

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