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Kamala Mills Fire Witness Mala Kashyap shares her First Hand Experience with Mumbai Live

Kamala mills' fire witness and Mumbai Live reader Mala Kashyap who was present at the venue recorded and shared her experience with us. This is what she had to say


In an unfortunate incident, on December 28, 14 people lost their lives while 12 got injured when a fire broke out at Kamala Mill’s One Above club. Despite notices from BMC, the club had encroached the open space where a fire broke out.

Mumbai Live reader Mala Kashyap who was seated with her friends in Mojo's Bistro managed to record the fire incident on her phone. She got in touch regarding the same. Here's what she witnessed.

I was sitting at the restaurant closer to the entrance. We entered there at 11:47 pm and at 12:20 am a friend saw this fire. For a second it did not hit us that it’s the restaurant that’s on fire. But within seconds the fire spread because the entire area was covered with cloth. Besides Sheesha Place with an Island bar could be the other reasons for the fire to spread even more rapidly. There was chaos and panic everywhere, people were running out and were stuffing themselves into the elevator. One of the friends from our group decided to walk towards the fire exit and walk down but strangely the fire was closer to that side because of which he along with few people received minor burns. Within eight minutes I reached downstairs as restaurant staff was absolutely helpful, including the security guards on the floor. Within my group, we promptly started dialing emergency numbers. I am pretty sure people who were declared dead must be from hotel staff because the cylinders burst within few minutes, so teams in the kitchen didn’t see it happen. Also, the restaurant next door must have injured people because they couldn’t see what happened. Both the places are actually nice and it’s just absolutely unfortunate. I think had the cloth not been there, the fire wouldn’t spread that quickly. Both restaurants on the floor were full capacity because we didn’t get a table at the other restaurant. We got a table at the one that caught the fire”

The fire broke out at around 12:30 AM, and upon raising alarm, fire engines and ambulance were sent the spot. As per reports, many in the restaurant locked themselves in the washrooms to be safe. Among the dead, many are girls. The cause of the fire has not been disclosed yet, and further investigation is being performed. 

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