Station With A View? The 'Dirty' Reality Of Cleanliness In Mumbai

A Twitter user tweeted a picture from Kurla station where there's muk, garbage, and just a filthy environment for commuters to walk in


A Twitter user on Monday morning tweeted a picture from Kurla station and appealed to the authorities to improve the condition of the path leading to the railway station. Sadly, millions of commuters hustle through the chaos that the city is, and make do with all that's wrong with the Mumbai. 

From the commoners commuting to the authorities, if everyone unanimously makes an effort to keep our environment clean, the day won't be far where we could walk on clean roads. 

Many roads outside railway stations are a mess to walk on and if you are constantly facing such issues, instead of ignoring it, report it. Take a picture of the situation and tweet it to @mumbailivenews and we will try our best to spread the word and work towards a cleaner Mumbai. 

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