Local BJP members stage protest at MBMC Over Security Guard Termination

The termination of these security guards and the subsequent protests have created ripples of concern within the local community, sparking conversations about the MBMC's security decisions and the welfare of civic properties and citizens.

Local BJP members stage protest at MBMC Over Security Guard Termination

On a notable Friday, members and office bearers associated with the local BJP unit organized a fervent protest against the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC). Their primary grievance revolved around the abrupt termination of employment for 660 outsourced security guards. Led by former legislator Narendra Mehta, the demonstrations drew hundreds of participants to the main administrative headquarters of the municipal body, resonating with chants and slogans expressing their opposition to the civic administration's decision.

MBMC's Controversial Security Shift

An article in Free Press Journal mentioned that the MBMC's resolution to discontinue the services of these 660 private security guards, contracted through a manpower supply agency, sent shockwaves through the twin-city community. These guards had been entrusted with the crucial task of safeguarding a range of municipal assets, encompassing ward offices, gardens, overhead water reservoirs, and lakes. The decision, set to take effect from October 1, 2023, raised questions and concerns about the city's future security measures.

Allegations of Injustice and Unattended Civic Properties

Former legislator Narendra Mehta, a prominent voice within the protests, described the termination of the security workforce as an act of injustice against the contract employees. These guards had loyally served the twin-city for nearly a decade, and their sudden removal was met with dismay. The absence of security personnel left many civic properties unattended, potentially jeopardizing the safety and security of citizens. Mehta urged the civic chief to reconsider this decision by directly deploying the guards on an honorarium basis and to present a proposal to the state government in this regard. He also cautioned that if the administration failed to comply, they might have no option but to escalate their protest.

Connection to Government-Authorized HR Firms

Unveiling a significant connection in the midst of the controversy, sources revealed that the company linked to the current manpower supply agency is one of the nine HR firms officially authorized by the government. Despite significant security flaws in the services provided, the MBMC had been channeling substantial funds to this manpower agency for more than a decade. However, in a noteworthy change in strategy, the MBMC decided to hire trained personnel from the Maharashtra Security Force (MSF) in the past year. These personnel were tasked with protecting municipal properties and supporting anti-encroachment operations, signifying a pivotal shift in the municipality's approach to security. The company, previously responsible for providing security services, has now become one of the government's authorized suppliers of security personnel, marking a significant transformation in the MBMC's security practices.

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