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Maharashtra COVID-19 Break The Chain Guidelines - All you need to know

Maharashtra COVID-19 Break The Chain Guidelines - All you need to know

With the Maharashtra government imposing a lockdown across the state once again, several citizens have very many questions about the same regarding the new curfew-like restrictions.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

Question 1- Can doctors and medical professionals travel in the district without any restrictions?

A. Yes. Doctors and people in the medical field can travel in the district using personal/private or public transport on the basis of the identity card issued to them by the administration. The reason for their travel is expected to be related to medical and health.

Question 2- Which category of people can use the local train?

A. Only government employees/officers and health workers will be allowed to use the local train. No one will be allowed except them.

Question 3- Can export units’ work?

A. Exporting units will only be allowed to operate to the extent of fulfilling current export commitments. Also, manufactured goods can be exported. However, only those units which have been given exemption in the order dated 13 April 2021 will be allowed to manufacture goods for export.

Q4: Can all banks operate with 15% attendance?

A. Yes. Banks under Section 5 as per State Government Order dated 13th April 2021 join the discounted class. So all banks can operate at 15% capacity, (or 5, whichever is higher)

Question 5 - Who can take the service of taxi or rickshaw?

A. As per the order of the state government dated 13 April 2021, the people who have been included in the required or concessional category and subsequently the amended order has been included or for reasonable cause, such as medical emergencies, examination, commuting to and from the airport.

Question 6 - Is inter-district travel allowed?

A. Inter-district travel will be allowed by private cars and other vehicles in addition to buses and long-distance trains. However, there must be an important reason for the journey. These include medical emergencies, family deaths, long-distance trains and buses. However, they will have to home quarantine as mentioned in the order.

Question 7 - Will visitors be allowed in government offices?

Answer - Not allowed. However, citizens will be allowed to register and they can go to the registrar's office with a prior appointment. If these offices do not apply and get permission from the DMA, they can work with only 15% attendance.

Question 8 – What about School/ College/University?

Answer: Schools, colleges and universities have been closed. However, the administration of the concerned school/college or university may call the teachers and non-teaching staff on the premises if required. However, with only 15 per cent attendance. (Or 5, whichever is higher).

Question 9 - Compulsory RTPCR, RAT or True Net test will be mandatory for whom?

Answer - RTPCR test will be mandatory for employees, officers participating in the process of RAT test examination. For example, Superintendent, Supervisor etc. Similarly, the staff of the hall if wedding ceremonies are held. This will include waiters, caterers, etc. Although home delivery staff have been advised to perform these tests, they will no longer be required. Similarly, in the order dated 13 April 2021, this test will not be required for officers and other people.

Q10- Can home delivery be done by e-commerce people or can anyone do it?

A. Home delivery will be allowed to people who are officially responsible by the establishment, whether they belong to an e-commerce company or not.

Question 11- If a person is found travelling while there is no valid reason he will be fined. Which authorities will impose fines and if he/she is unable to pay the fines, what further action will be taken? Will their vehicle be confiscated or how?

A. Local DMAs, incident commanders and anyone authorized by them can impose a fine. If a person is unable to pay the fine, action should be taken under a law like the Motor Vehicle Act or BPA.

Question 12 - There is no mention of any evidence to be investigated by the police regarding inter-district travel on the basis of which the police will allow the person to leave the district?

Answer - Reasons are acceptable for travel. Currently, this status has not been determined by the pass system. Accurate evidence will be accepted.

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