MCGM brings ALM to keep the city neat and clean

    MCGM brings ALM to keep the city neat and clean
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    Mumbaikars you can keep the city neat and clean with the help of program initiated by BMC. The program is known as ALM.
    Formed in the year 1998, by the citizens of Joshi Lane at Ghatkopar who were fed up with the garbage and filth in their lane which attracted rodents and other unwanted parasites.

     They partnered with MCGM and helped initiate the concept of an ALM (Advance Locality Management). The primary role of ALM was Solid Waste Management through alert citizens. ALM is essentially a sign of Change, a Change that was initiated by the People & for the People.

    ALMs provide citizens with a means to pool their strengths and resources and help the MCGM maintain & improve services in a well-defined locality/neighbourhood in a sustainable manner.
    The MCGM has appointed special duty officers to help the people have access to the various BMC departments. We should actively participate in the ALM programs & help maintain this city, our home.

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