MNS leader accuses BJP MLA Sunil Rane of harassing Marathi speaking hawkers

A local hawker in Borivali who runs a food stall in the morning has alleged that the BMC picked up her car after BJP MLA Sunil Rane complained about the same. She wanted support and justice for the same, as the business helps her support the family.

MNS leader accuses BJP MLA Sunil Rane of harassing Marathi speaking hawkers

A local Marathi speaking hawker, on Saturday, October 24, 2020, has accused BJP MLA from Borivali, Sunil Rane, of not allowing her to do business in the area. According to the hawkers in the locality, officials from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) picked up his cart, after Rane filed a complaint.

Supporting the woman, MNS has taken her stand and party leader Nayan Kadam has said that MLA Sunil Rane is creating problems for Marathi Manus for doing their business in the locality.

Sharing her concerns, the woman said that her financial situation had deteriorated due to the lockdown and her husband has been seriously injured due to an accident he met while in a rickshaw. Because of these issues, he is unable to see clearly and cannot perform any work. She is a mother of three children who are studying and to support the family, she has started a food business, which functions in the morning. However, upon knowing about her cart, MLA Sunil Rane complained to BMC and officials soon picked up her car.

Adding more clarity, MNS leader Kadam said that the party will always stand with Marathi businessmen and women, whether they are being troubled by MLAs and MPs from BJP or any other party. The party will continue to stand by them. It is unfair that these members do not look at other hawkers who have illegally put up stalls in several areas in Borivali, and has blamed the BMC for not paying attention to them.

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