Multiplex owners meet Raj Thackeray, promise to regulate prices within eight days

After meeting Raj Thackeray, the owners assured that there will be special arrangements of food made for children and diabetic patients


A few days ago, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) party workers roughed up the employees at various cinema halls for selling food at exorbitant prices and not allowing people to bring their own food items inside the theatre. On Sunday, multiplex owners met MNS chief Raj Thackeray at his residence to rectify the issue. After the owners approached the Bombay High Court and found no solution, they scheduled a meeting with Thackeray.  

After meeting Thackeray, the multiplex owners assured to reduce the food prices along with water bottles within eight days, MNS leader Amay Khopkar told Mumbai Live.

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Multiplex owners have also promised to make special arrangements of food for children and diabetic patients. However, if the promises are not fulfilled, the MNS activists will carry out a huge agitation.

Earlier, the MNS had launched a movement against non-regulated prices of food and water in the multiplexes which were not affordable for many people. Moreover, outside food was also not allowed inside the cinema halls.

On June 30, the MNS had written a letter to cinema halls in Kandiwali to allow people to bring outside food in the halls and warned them of an agitation in 'MNS style'. Earlier, the High Court had also slammed the cinema halls for selling food at higher prices asking them to regulate the same. 

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