Ganpati Mandals fined for digging up potholes during Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganpati Mandals fined for digging up potholes during Ganesh Chaturthi

For years, Ganesh Mandals have been creating potholes on the road during Ganesh Chaturthi and at times, they aren’t fixed within the stipulated time period. BMC has taken strict action against the mandals this year.

BMC F South Ward has issued a notice to 13 sarvajanik mandals for digging potholes. Lalbaugcha Raja is also included in the list of 13. A fine of INR 4,86,00 has been issued for digging around 243 potholes which means INR 2,000 per pothole (that’s an expensive pothole!)

It has been observed that none of the mandals filled up the potholes they created even after BMC and the police had asked them not to damage roads and footpaths in the first place and hence, the BMC has imposed fines on them. They can add interest to the fine if the mandals don’t abide by the fine.

Many mandals of the F-South Ward from Parel, Sewri and Kalachowki didn’t comply with the rules and have thus been fined for it.

13 mandals will have to pay a fine of INR 12,94,000.

Here's a list of the mandals that have been fined 

• Lalbaugcha Raja Public Celebration Board: 243 potholes; Fine INR 4,86,000

• Lalbaug Sarvajanik Utsav Mandal, Ganesh Gully: Potholes 207; Fine INR 4,14,000

• Chinchpokli Utsav Mandal: 34 potholes; Fine INR 68,000

• Balgopal Mandal, Currey Road: 24 potholes, Fine; 48,000

• Parel, Nare Park Ganeshotsav Mandal: Potholes 23; Fine INR 46,000

• Parel Sarvajanik Utsav Mandal: Potholes: 21; Fine INR 42,000

• Lal Maidan Ganesh Utsav Mandal, Parel: Potholes 17; Fine INR 34,000

• Kalachowki Jijamatnagar Ganeshotsav Mandal: Potholes 15; Fine INR 30,000

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