Caught On Camera: Mumbai Police Constable Rides In Wrong Direction On Flyover

On the Bandra flyover, off the Bandra-Worli Sea link, which is under the jurisdiction of the Bandra Police Traffic Division, the traffic police constable was caught flouting the traffic norms.

Caught On Camera: Mumbai Police Constable Rides In Wrong Direction On Flyover

A video has surfaced over the internet showing a traffic police constable in Bandra, Mumbai, recklessly breaking traffic laws. The video is becoming viral online after being posted on social media. The video purports to show two Mumbai Traffic Police constables who were observed and captured on dashboard cameras violating traffic laws in the middle of the day in Mumbai.

In the video, a Mumbai Traffic Police constable is seen riding his bike in the incorrect direction across a flyover in Bandra. The car's dashboard camera captured the traffic police constable travelling in the incorrect direction.

The video was shared on 'X' by the user, and @MNCDFbombay. This page of MNCDF is reportedly handled by Advocate Trivankumar Karnani, a criminal lawyer at the Bombay High Court.

Taking to X, he posted, “A citizen caught two instances on his dash cam yesterday - one traffic cop entering the wrong side directly, and the other taking a U-turn before joining the same. We respect the role of police as guardians of Law & Order, but let's uphold the law for everyone's safety & ensure that police officials don't indulge in motor vehicle offences.. We hereby request the @CPMumbaiPolice to issue directives to the Citys Police Force.”

It is said that one traffic cop is making a U-turn before approaching the other cop. The footage does not, however, show which way the other police officer is turning around. On Saturday, March 02, at approximately 5:00 pm, the incident in Bandra was captured on camera.

The car in the video appears to be travelling at a speed of more than 80 KMPH, according to the dash cam. The traffic constable was travelling in the incorrect direction while the cars were travelling at a high rate of speed.

If an accident had happened on the highway at such a high speed, it may have been fatal for both the traffic constable and the other vehicle. In addition to abiding by the traffic laws, police officers ought to practise what they preach. This creates a bad example for those who obediently and carefully adhere to traffic laws.

Riding on the wrong side while in a traffic police vehicle is a clear mockery of motor vehicle laws and regulations. If a regular citizen took this action, public safety would be endangered and a FIR would be filed. Law guardians' disobedience of the law weakens the deterrent against such rule-breaking by sending the wrong impression that they are above the law.

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