BMC commissioner orders to cover up the pits in three days


BMC commissioner. Ajoy Mehta. had issued an order to cover up the pits by May 19 which were dug to lay down phone lines by various telecom companies. Despite giving the order, many of the pits are still left untouched. BMC had given permission to dig up an 8.5 km long pit but the concerned companies dug up exceeding the limit. Road engineer Sanjay Darade gave out the information in a monthly meeting which was led by BMC commissioner.

Last year, BMC had granted permission to various telecom companies to dig up 378.12 km long pit. And post the work, 396.60 km long pit was covered. However, only 8.60 km long pits are left uncovered. BMC commissioner had ordered to cover the pits in three days. At Lower Parel's Seetaram Jadhav road, the shoddy job has been done by covering the pit by soil which is causing inconvenience to the residents. 

Along with this 2,500, civic workers will be present in low-lying areas during the rainy season. These workers will look out for open manhole, will cut the branches of trees and will tackle the emergency situations which arises during the rains. Along with this, Gajdarbandh pumping station will be operational from 9 June 2017 which will help in flushing out the excess water which gets accumulated in H/West and K/West low-lying areas.

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