No foreign trees on Mumbai streets, says Shiv Sena

    No foreign trees on Mumbai streets, says Shiv Sena
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    Apparently, the Shiv Sena seems to be on a tree plantation spree, as Yashwant Jadhav is seen to be quite serious about the plantation of trees like Umbar, Vad or Jambul.

    The entire party is of the opinion that the roads of the city are dotted with foreign trees that are too prone to fungi and insects thus affecting the other trees that come in contact. Hence, the NMC is, therefore, trying to destroy such trees.

    The Tree Authority feels that it will be better off that trees like Umbar, Vad or Jambul should be planted since it is not practically possible to manage the other trees.

    “It is difficult to adapt to the climate and soil here. So it is necessary to maintain them more closely. The pollution here affects their growth. Also, various types of insects, diseases spread on the trees and spread them on trees. Trees that fall in this way and their branches are broken. This creates a threat to pedestrians' lives," Yashwant Jadhav said.

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