ST Corporation may not run additional buses during Diwali

Since the State Transport (ST) Corporation won't be running extra buses during Diwali, people will be travelling to their native villages via private buses who charge more than ST buses


Every year around the time of Diwali, thousands of Mumbaikars travel to their native places to celebrate the festival of lights with their families. The State Transport (ST) Corporation runs additional buses on several routes to ensure that they can get to their respective destination.

However, this year, the transport corporation has not announced any extra bus services before Diwali. This really means that they won't run any additional buses this year. Therefore, the passengers will have no other option but to opt for private buses, which are costlier. The private companies have already been selling the reservation tickets at a higher price.

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Usually every year, ST runs around 400 extra bus services from Dadar, Kurla-Nehru Nagar, Mumbai Central, and Parel Depot to avoid the unnecessarily crowded buses. But the bus depots have reportedly said that they haven't received any written notice from the corporation for running extra buses.

The bus company employees are busy with the volunteer work for the Assembly Elections  2019 which has resulted in a shortage of manpower for the ST Corporation.

Previously, last year, the state transport wing had earned around ₹100 crore during Diwali.

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