BMC trying to curb mosquito breeding spots

    BMC trying to curb mosquito breeding spots
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    The Municipal Corporation is trying really hard to curb diseases like Dengue, Malaria and Swine Flu from spreading but the number of patients suffering from these diseases don’t seem to drop down.

    The BMC is attempting to create awareness about the causes of these diseases but the response isn’t very encouraging. From January 1 to July 15, 7,856 locations have been identified as larvae breeding spots for Dengue and 2,674 locations as larvae breeding spots for Malaria. All the breeding hotspots have been destroyed, according to the Municipal Pesticide Officer, Rajan Naringrekar.

    During the same timeframe, about 62,43,597 houses in Mumbai have been inspected and 8,744 houses have been issued a notice by the BMC.

    Why the houses were handed a notice

    Water tanks carrying stagnant water without cover

    Wells being left uncovered

    Ignoring stagnant water in flower pots

    The Municipal Pesticide Department has collected around INR 20,06,600 in fines in the last six months.

    At one spot, a female mosquito lays 100-150 eggs. The average life of a female mosquito is about three weeks. And during these three weeks, female mosquitoes lay eggs at least 4 times. This means that around 500 to 600 eggs are laid. Regular search operation by the Municipal Pesticide Department is going on and identified spots are immediately destroyed," Rajan Naringrekar.

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