Piled up garbage raises stink at Madh

Piled up garbage raises stink at Madh

Malad- Residents of Madh are battling a mosquito menace for the last few days. The residents allege that the BMC is to be blamed. Civic workers have not cleared garbage in the area for over 15 days, resulting in a foul smell pervading the air and fostering breeding of mosquitoes. Civic workers, instead of picking up the garbage, are throwing the waste in the adjoining nullah, allege residents. “We made repeated complaints to the P ward authorities but all our complaints are falling on deaf ears,” said Santosh Koli, a resident. Locals have now threatened a protest if action is not taken soon. Meanwhile, Mumbai Live tried speaking to P ward solid waste department assistant engineer Prakash Gaikar, but he was not available for comment.

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