Plasma Technology To Be Used for Sustainable Waste Disposal in Mira-Bhayandar

It will be an environmentally sustainable solution to hazardous and mixed trash.

Plasma Technology To Be Used for Sustainable Waste Disposal in Mira-Bhayandar

The Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) is set to adopt plasma technology. It will be used to get rid of hazardous and mixed waste in an eco-friendly way.

The project will cost INR 8.27 crore. It will initially handle eight tonnes of waste per day. The state government, through the Suvarna Jayanti Nagrothan Maha Abhiyan, will fund 70% of the project. The MBMC will cover the rest, providing INR 5 crore for this from its annual budget.

It's a pilot initiative to test the effectiveness of the technology. The installation and commissioning of the waste treatment plant based on plasma technology is being handled by the solid waste management department. They have opened a call for bids from skilled agencies. The new facility will be nearby the current facility in Dhaavgi village, near Uttan.

The technology would reduce harmful by-products and require less space. Plasma technology will thermally treat waste without emitting smoke. It will produce around 7% ash. This ash can be used to make construction materials.

The chosen operator contractor will provide two years of free operations and maintenance, in addition to supplies. The MBMC will also provide levelled land of approximately 6,000 sqft for the project's commissioning. 

In addition to the 550 tonne garbage produced, over 10 tonnes of waste are produced in the form of biomedical and industrial waste. Uttan's only waste processing facility can handle segregated waste. However, segregation at the source is less than 65%, posing a challenge to the local government.

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