Road widening to eat up 200 shops

    Amar Mahal
    Road widening to eat up 200 shops
    Mumbai  -  

    Amar Mahal - Shopkeepers in the Amar Mahal area, Chembur face the spectre of demolition at the hands of the municipal corporation.

    The shops have been around for the past 50 years, but with the corporation now planning to expand the road, more than 200 shops stand to be demolished. Earlier, the road was 90 feet wide, now it will be expanded to 120 feet. Shopkeepers are feeling helpless because of the decision taken. They are full of angst against the municipal corporation.

    Shopkeepers will be provided shops in Malad and Borivali, but they don't want shops in the areas mentioned as there are no residential complexes around. Shops that were spread over 500  square feet will be complensated with only shops with area over 50-60 square feet. Assistant Commissioner of M/West ward Harshad Kale told Mumbai Live that the road was originally meant to be 120 feet wide, but was constructed as a 90 feet wide road, owing to a mistake in the development plan.

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